The positive impact of Bible Translation in the life of Majukayong people. Here, Russel Laguinday, a mother-tongue translator (right side), became a pastor of a small church in a Majukayong-speaking community. 

Russel's first Baptismal service on a river bank in the same village. Let us pray that God's translated Word will continue to touch the very hearts and lives of the people in this community.

Translator Ignacio and Maducayan villagers work hand in hand to help Tom's stuck car, which carry  the printed portions of the Scriptures,  along  the mudded road.  

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that brings Good News.

Russel Laguinday unloading the printed books.

Rudy Busway, a mother-tongue translator

Reading Class (1)

Reading Class (2)



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